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New Recruitment Online Website-Apply for Jobs in Victoria Government Schools

We’re three weeks into Term 4 already. Time flies so quickly!

A few weeks ago during the school term break, I wrote a post about finding & applying for teaching jobs using resources and websites other than DEECD’s Recruitment Online website, while the site was down.

New Website

Recruitment Online is now back. Click here to go to the website (opens in a new window).

New Features

Many features remain the same, with a few new ones added. For example, when you go into the job description page, you can now email the job to a friend, or refer a friend.

Logging into the website

You may notice that your old user name and password don’t work for the new website. So you would have to create a new login. If you’re currently a DEECD employee, you can log in straight away with your employee TO number and password.

Job Alert – Get Jobs Automatically Emailed to Your Inbox

With the website, it’s a good time to create your job alerts. Save time by creating and saving a job search that matches your criteria. New jobs that match your criteria will be emailed to you by the website.

If you’re not sure how to create & save a job alert on the new Recruitment Online website, I’m here to help.

Step 1: Create your search. Input criteria for the jobs you want. I find +Role Type, +Location and +Subject Duty to be the key fields that I need to input data, to bring up the jobs that I want. However, feel free to fill in all of the fields.




Step 2: Save your job search. If you intend to create different job alerts, it’s a good idea to name your search with enough details to identify each job alert. For example, I like to name my search this way: subject + location, e.g. Maths & EAL – South East areas.

Make sure you select both “Notify me when new jobs meet my criteria” and “Do not End-Date Job Agent”. Then input your email address and click on “Save Search”.



Step 3: Good to go! Now teaching jobs that you want are emailed to your inbox directly. Also, when you log into the website, you can just click on “My Saved Searches” on the top of the website, and you can click on previously saved searches to see a list of the jobs that match your criteria.



Hope this helps you save time! :)

Good luck job hunting!

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Teaching Job Seeking Resources – Alternatives to Recruitment Online

Message from Recruitment Online

Recruitment Online is down during this school term break (see above screen shot). Many teacher applicants use the term breaks to look for teaching positions. This time is especially important for teachers whose employment contract is on a term basis.

So which other websites or places can you use to keep hunting for teaching jobs?

There are a number of places and resources that I have been using to get job alerts and apply for teaching jobs. This is not an exhaustive list.


  1. Education agencies such as ANZUK help you find CRT and contract positions in primary, secondary, early childhood and other areas.
  2. Teaching job and resource web sites such as TES Australia and Australia Teachers.
  3. General job search websites such as: Seek, Career One and My Career.



Job Alerts – get emailed jobs that match your search criteria

There is something you can do to save a bit of time in job hunting:

Create a job alert.

Most websites allow you to enter your email address so that jobs that match your search criteria get emailed to you automatically.

Recruitment Online also has that features.


Good luck job hunting!


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